My name is Ahmad Tabbouch. My friends know me as the untangler of cords, but I'm also an installation contractor on the NBN HFC Platform.

I may not be the person you're looking for. I'm not on Friendface Facebook or other social media platforms, and there are many others share the exact same name and handle as me.

I am the founder of UltraKeet, a tongue-in-cheek project site, which I use to share interesting discoveries and mild inconveniences.

Below is my business card, which is made from FR4 Printed Circuit Board:

And here is my workspace during one of my neater weeks:

I have a reasonably good handle on most things related to Electronics & Software, including an uncanny ability to set the clocks on most consumer-grade appliances:

(...But sometimes it's just easier to plug them in at Midnight)

Here are a few of the commercial PCBs that I've had the pleasure of designing, and writing the software/firmware for:

DMX Auto-Addressing control card

Mesh-Networkable intelligent lighting controller

'StripTease' interactive LED strip driver

...And here are a couple of my hobby-grade PCBs for good measure:

ODU simulator PCB for NBN/Ericsson Fixed-Wireless

Static-RAM tester for train station ticket machines

I enjoy working with devices that store and dump huge amounts of energy:

'PopStart' spark gap for my Pulsed-Arc Welder project

...Unfortunately construction occasionally results in minor injury

Totally worth it.

. . .

I have a fairly benign sense of humour, which I typically only share with the closest of friends:

The worst kind of pareidolia

Occasionally, it ends up on a product:

Warning on the NBN WNTD WiFi Gateway

...And on prototypes for well-known defence contractors:

[Classified project related to sonar]

. . .

This is what I look like, according to an adult with reasonably good artistic skills:

And this is where I live, according to a child with fantastic artistic skills:

...I tend to suffer from headaches

I occasionally have a hard time finishing things that I

[ This is part of an ongoing joke... You had to be there ]

Feel free to get in-touch: - Ahmad [at] Tabbouch.com.au - No speculative work or touching please.